Melody of the Unceasing Vajra

A Request-Prayer to Mighty Gyalchen Dorje Shugden,
Protector of the Conqueror Manjusri Tsongkhapa's Teachings
By the Supreme Victor, the Great 14th Dalai Lama

Glory of the wisdom, compassion and power of infinite Buddhas,
Miraculously powerful protector of Manjusri Tsongkhapa’s Teachings,
Arisen as a lord of all wrathful worldly hosts,
Come from the abodes of Tushita, Kechara, and so forth!

Prostrating with devotion of body, speech, and mind,
I confess all mistakes and faults in which,
Out of delusion, I have contradicted your holy mind:
Accept with forbearance and show your smiling face!

Arising from the sport of non-dual bliss and void,
Are offerings and torma of flesh and blood heaped like a mountain,
First portions of milk, yogurt, beer and tea swirling like the ocean,
Auspicious signs and substances and various animals,
Peaceful and wrathful ornaments, enemy-destroying weapons and armour,
Amassed samaya substances, outer, inner, and secret, without exception!

Having fulfilled your heart commitment and purified degeneration,
By making these actually arranged and visualized offerings,
Increase Lozang the Victorious One’s Teachings,
And the life span and activities of the Teachings’ upholders!
Further the happiness of beings in the Gaden [Podrang] dominion!

Especially pacify all harm to us, the yogis and entourages,
That arises because of previous karma and immediate conditions,
And spontaneously accomplish, just as we wish,
All good things, both spiritual and temporal!

Grind to dust without remainder
Enemy hordes that think and act perversely
Towards the teachings and lay and ordained people
With potent, accurate, powerful great vajra fire!

Especially, cause the saffron-clad community of Dungkar Monastery,
Brightly beautiful in bonds of pure morality,
To soar the path of immortal liberation
On unified wings of Sutra and Tantra!

In brief, we enthrone you, O Deity, as the supreme
Collected nature of all Gurus and Protective Deities!
From densely gathered clouds of the four activities
Pour down a cool rain of the two siddhis!

This, a Request-Prayer to Mighty Gyalchen Dorje Shugden, Protector of the Conqueror Manjusri Tsongkhapa’s Teachings entitled Melody of the Unceasing Vajra’s composition was urged, not only by the vajra prophecy of the great emanated Dharmapala himself, but also on behalf of the general community by the master of the Dungkar Dratsang and all of its officers, with offerings. Accordingly, the one called Holder Of The White Lotus, Bearer of the Buddhadharma, Ngawang Losang Tenzin Gyatso Sisum Wangyur Tsungpa Mepay De composed it at Dungkar Monastery with spontaneous auspiciousness.

All benefit and bliss! Siddhirastu